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Sloper Tracks:
01. Time Is On The Wall
02. Summertime
03. Aeroplanes
04. Clowns
05. Other Planet Girl
06. Happy Families
07. Mistake Factory
08. Disco Vera
09. Superman
10. Dirt
11. Leoncavallo
12. Air
13. It Belongs to the World
Produced by An Emotional Fish
Recorded at Cannibal Studios, Churchtown, Dublin
1994 Warner Music UK Ltd.
It was dirty before we met
And if this dance is the last dance
Let it not be a dance to forget
Every time I think of you
I need to find dirt
You can scrub a dub dub
But it`s always the chance it`s
Wasn`t it you who said that one should never
Bend over backwards to
Take a look inside
If it`s the squeeky clean you`re after
You`re gonna have to join the queue and wait awhile
Every time I think of you
I think about dirt
You`ve got under my finger nails
I hear you laugh where it hurts
And I can`t wash my hands of you
No matter what soap I use
It`s more than I`m worth
Don`t ever leave me baby
For to be without you
Is to be without dirt
Every time I think of you
I think about dirt
No matter how you scrub a dub dub
It always returns that
D. I. R. T.
Yeah it`s D. I. R. T.
You`ve got dirty thoughts
You give dirty looks
You`re the Queen of dirt