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An Emotional Fish Tracks:
01. Celebrate
02. Grey Matter
03. Blue
04. Lace Virginia
05. Julian
06. All I Am
07. Change
08. Colours
09. That Demon Jive
10. Brick It Up
11. Move On
Produced by Tim Palmer
Recorded  at  Windmill Lane, Dublin
Released: 09/18/1990
Label: Atlantic
Lace Virginia
I can picture you now an elegant arrangement
of what used to be your. Dreams, hopes and desires
as pretty as an angel in derelict dimensions
if you fall to pieces so do I.
I can picture you now an innocent reflection
of a kiss that hangs on twisted lips.
Darling little angel of heavens late abandoned
if you fall to pieces so do I.
Lace Virginia.
I sell tomorrow lace Virginia to chase you
tippy toed. A dandelon thief or we could just
roll our eyes and talk of things that fool you
oh I#m sure we#d talk forever.
Lace Virginia.